Special Session: Invasive species data capture and reporting

This session will discuss how the collection and use of spatial data on alien species can be improved through the improvement and alignment of data gathering, including the use of new digital and online tools.

Many conservation areas capture information about invasive species, however recent research has shown that it is difficult to combine this data since it is often in different formats. Reporting on invasive species is also complex since it often requires that the data is manually entered into a reporting system.

The session focuses on the collection and reporting of information about the distribution of invasive species, with an emphasis on the current and future plans for systems that capture this data, such as SAPIA. The session will begin with a few presentations detailing data capture systems, such as SAPIA and iNaturalist, and then data sources, such as the SANBI Taxonomic backbone, and, lastly, data needs for reporting and analysis.

The remaining time will be used to discuss the needs that the delegates have concerning capturing and reporting information about invasive species. These lessons will be used by SANBI and DEA to further develop online tools and data capture projects specifically aimed at invasive species data. This session will be particularly valuable for anyone who captures the distribution of invasive species as part of their field work or who is required to report on invasive species.

Closed session - no external presentations will be included, but participation in the session during the Symposium is open to all. All submissions not linked to special sessions will be structured into logical groupings in the remainder of the programme. Please contact the Secretariat to be put in touch with the convener if you feel that you have a useful contribution to add to add to this special session.

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